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Astrologist Specialist in India predicting correctly for past, present and future. Shree Durga Jyotish is providing specialized services in Astrology that will help you to walk through the best possible ways in life and overcome any stumbling block with ease. We have in our team Astrology Specialist in India who has been providing accurate predictions over the past years and helping those with problems in various walks of life to overcome them through various methods.



2019 Career Report

2019 Career Horoscope Report is consolidated guidance for your needs to plan and execute your priorities smartly. Do you know Planetary Transit, dasha and planets affect your career life either adversely or positively depending on its nature? This is true and has been proven through astrological pieces of evidences claiming that our career life is very much affected as our planetary positions. Therefore, knowing things in your career in advance will help you with right knowledge to get prepared for your career.

2019 Love And Relationship

Are you upset over things happened in Love and Relationship? Were those things still piling pressure on your mental peace? Love is the strongest emotion that lays the foundation of any relationship. However, this relationship falls apart due to certain reasons among spouses. Do you have any such problem that has affected your love relationship? Find its solution with our 2019 Love and Relationship Horoscope service solution.

2019 Marriage Prospects

Our Marriage Horoscope 2019 is a key to solutions of various marriage-related issues. For example, if you planned for your marriage in the year 2018 but it did not happen for some reasons and you are looking up to the year 2019 to carry on with that purpose, the solution through our source will help you a great deal in this regard.

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“ Thanks for give me best advice. I am so happy.... I will Recommend your service”

Mahesh Patel

See I have noticed one thing in Mr.Joshi..The thing is that he reads the psychology of the people and behavior while entering his room.His throwing of words and prediction is Very strong... no doubt !!!! Main life mein aise insaan se Mila jisne Meri 3 months k sawaaal ko 3 minute mein solve Kar Diya..I m feeling very refreshed and relax now..I would suggest everyone ki bahar k pandit ke pass jaa Kar paise waste karne see acha hai ki aap ko agar koi astrology problem ho to ek baar MR.JOSHI  see jaroor mile.

Sarita Pathak